Blogging Graveyard

Blogging sites that have gone down — excerpts removed from my original article and here for reference.  Most recent closure will be at the top of the article (month/year).

Blogsome (announced 2011- closed 2012)

Orkut — closing 9/14

Terapad — now officially closed

Posterousclosed 4/13

Multiply closed  12/12

Eons — closed down suddenly due to server issues.  It has not been back up for months so it may be gone for good (last check 12/12).

Yahoo Pulse closed 7/2011.  The new “profile” which replaced Yahoo 360 and had next to no features and a heap of issues. The closing includes the photo albums.  Yahoo Pulse did not even last one year.

MSN Live Spacesclosed down 12/10 but officially on 3/11.  Photos will remain on SkyDrive.

Voxclosed down September 2010 —   very nice site and community, reminds me of LiveJournal. Limited customizing and ads appear on the top and bottom banner. You can upload photos, videos, music and have a book list and you have control over privacy. Images you upload can be shared by anyone.  Overall, a nice site. Reported issues 2010: cannot access control panel, cannot post, and lots of spam.

Frappr — Out of service March/April 2010 In addition to a blog, map/guest book, you get a chat and a slide show here to use on other sites. You have some control over the look and feel.

Shout PostClosed down abruptly 9/09 — this is a new blog site (Jan 2007).  Very nice, clean, and easy to use.  As of this writing there are six templates.  They can be customized without using a code.  Some features are static and cannot be removed.  Blogs do not have advertising on them but all the ads appear in your control panel.  Comments can be added to pictures, or even a profile page.  Before you post an entry, you can send emails to your friends.  You can also add a post as a favorite. The service has instant stats, and also a Feedburner RSS feed feature.
Downside: You must be a member to post a comment on any blog.  Archives are by month in alphabetical order. The Archives have not been fully functional for some time.

SampaClosed 8/17/09. This is a nice place if only I can figure it out!  The controls are crazy and confusing but you have plenty of choices once you get use to things!  They have plenty of templates to choose from and you can add your own background. No HTML containers or widgets allowed, the sidebar is very set and static. No HTML can be used period, it is all automatic editors.  People can sign up to get updates from your blog. You can have multiple editors.  They get a short email with a couple of links, one to the blog and one to the article.  Stats are sent to your email box. This is great for a family site.  There is no community and it is hard to see what other people have done with their blogs to guide you or give you ideas.  As of this point, it is a beta system (still developing) and eventually they will have a paid version.  There is a monthly metered bandwidth limitation. Ads appear in a bar at the top of the page and at the bottom making it easy on the eye.

Interesting direct article on why Sampa closed.

(**Bandwidth transfer — That is whenever your page is opened the total measured content of your page (including uploaded site graphics into your account on sidebar hosted at your blog OR your background and banner) = how much is downloaded to the viewer’s computer.  If every post has pictures, you may only want to have the main entry show. If someone opens up your archives, then that would be a huge download with all the pictures on each post and a number of posts on a page.  Shortcuts: You may want to post a link or a thumbnail to avoid this if you are uploading into your account. You may also want to consider hosting all your graphics off the site.  This will allow your graphics to download off your other account and not your blog account. You may want to consider posting in normal sized font text also vs larger fonts. Using a shortcut will also allow faster downloads for your visitors.)

Yahoo360 Closed 7/09 – Yahoo Profiles will house a blog. is limited but easy to use also. You need a Yahoo address. You can have your Yahoo albums (now you can add comments) (Note/update: Yahoo albums have shut down in September 2007) attached to your 360 or go use Flickr.  They provide some stats, but they are not very good and you cannot add another stat counter. You can also have the home page so that you can add other RSS feeds to it too.
You can make your page public or private.  You get some friends and you can email them all with updates on your site to invite them to come and see. Or you can just keep your site and just tell people you are there without having to invite anyone or have any friends. There is no RSS feed for the Yahoo360 site although they allow you to use 3 RSS feeds on your page.  You can add your own backgrounds (very easy to do, upload from your computer) or use one of their templates.
Little tag message board on your blog also, a very nice feature.
Recently they added a “listing” of all blog entry titles so you can find articles by looking through the list and clicking an article on.
They also added tag cloud words.
Still no categories  which would be a plus.
Yahoo360 will be changing their name and look in the fall of 2008.

AOL JournalsClosed 10/08 extremely simple. Very limited customization, just the hex colors they provide.  They do have some perks like counters, categories, cloud tags.  Good for challenges if that is all you wish to post

Blog Charm — shut down unexpectedly after a short time up on the net.  You got PAID to post, and you could post what ever you wanted.
Issues surrounding up times and payments made the economics messy as well as a few owners (bought and sold a few times) in the mix. — here one day, gone the next.  Nice clean site, photo albums and other perks.  Legal battle with the domain shut them down as another “bigger player” squashed them for copyright infringement.  All blogs got deleted with very little notice.

Selectablog — many templates, limited to 5MBs of photospace, no customizing, no html box, no stats. Paid accounts get more features and they are not expensive to subscribe to. Two blogs per account. They list recent posts and have a category feature.  I would highly recommend this site for a teacher to use with their class.
Update: Selectablog put up an announcement one day that said they were closing all accounts effective immediately, no email notifications or no automatic migration to another system. However, upon visiting them (because my teacher site went down with a crash there, although at the moment it did, I did not know this was going to happen), the original owners went kaput and the site seems to be associated with a place called, a WordPress Blog.
Also on the page, was a link to, another blogging platform.
I mention this because, it may be a wise choice to choose a platform that you know will be reliable and be there