Alternatives to eBay

Typically this site is all about stamping, paper arts, creating mini-books and more.
However, I feel I have to make this post, and it is for anyone looking for alternative sites to sell stuff besides eBay or “fee-bay” as some call it.

Stampers and scrapbookers alike will buy and sell off eBay their unwanted supplies and other things.

However, eBay is changing their fees again and many are not happy.
Many will stop selling there eventually.
So whether you buy or sell, here are a few alternatives sites that have less fees meaning more money in your pocket.  Each site mentioned here are easy to join and set up shop.

Bonanzle  aka “The Ranch” (update 9.10 — site has changed name to– free shop/booth, free listings,  low cost flat rate final value fee/final value offer (50 cents for final cost of under $10. and $1. for under $50 — see chart for more) and your fees associated with payments using PayPal or Google Checkout (less fees than PayPal).  No picture/gallery fees, larger pictures than eBay, four per item listed.  Set prices or best offers, no auctions.

Perks –
You can tell if the seller is online and each seller has a chat box/contact.
Lists last time the seller was online.
Additional pages to add FAQ, shop policies, return policies.
Bonanza Hours — where there are sellers who offer special deals at set times.
Your shop has categories (at eBay you needed to pay for a shop to get categories).
Number of items in your shop are listed under your avatar as well as feedback score and a contact link and a few promo pictures.
You can customize a large banner for your free shop. (approx: 692 x 104)
Stats and you can add Google Analytics
Support forum — where you can find out lots of information.
Additional tutorials (including videos) information here.

Publicity –
Right now, this site is dependent of word of mouth.
If you have a blog, you can promote your own shop by linking it up through product listed OR a direct link on your sidebar.
If you are moving on over from eBay, you can import your listings.
You can notify your present customers you are moving through a newsletter or if you are still selling/shipping, enclose a flyer/business card of your new selling location to get the word out.

ecrater — free shop, no listing fees, no gallery/picture fees, many forms of payment but prefer Google Check Out (less fees than PayPal but you can offer PayPal and more).
If you do not use Google Checkout, you end up with ads on your site, distracting your potential customers.
Categories are listed on a sidebar when in the shop and also on a separate page with a link at the top of the page.
Pages with information — FAQ, shop policies, about you, contact etc.
Limited customizing, small banner.
Neat looking shop with several color templates to choose from.
Stats as to how many times an item was looked at and where the traffic is coming from.
Looking for something? — you can add an RSS feed on your reader for it.
Support forum where you can find more info.
As mentioned above, you need to do all your shop promotion yourself to be successful.
One glitch is that an item that sells needs to be removed manually and is not automatically removed from your shop.  Hopefully they will fix this.

Both sites come up with shop items  if you use the Google Product Search (a nifty search site) so you can compare prices.
I was looking for a SU set and got to see several from the sites Bonanzle, eCrater and eBay to compare prices.
I did buy something from ecrater and Bonanzle just for the experience.
Both were great experiences (communications) and speedy delivery.

Another site that came up and I looked but did not do business there was — free shop, no listing fees at all,  listing is limited for 180 days, four pictures per item but shops are not as graphically pleasing as the two mentioned above here. Support community where you can find more answers.  Again, you do the promoting and I noticed that this site, items do not come up in the Google Product Search.

As many have learned at eBay — there are the scam artists, so if you are buying,  make sure you check out the feedback of the seller, check their return policies, and ask questions before buying to get a feel for the type of shop owner you are dealing with.



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2 responses to “Alternatives to eBay

  1. Hi Jean: How nice of you to look me up! Am missing my stamping & scrapbooking days very much indeed. I now have to work (lol!), and seem to find very little time to actually unwind and do something creative.

    Thanks for this post – I was thinking of going back to selling some stuff on ebay but now I will check out these sites. And I have been praying for an alternative to Paypal for years! Never mind their fees, if you see what their exchange rates are, it is daylight robbery! And I have been telling them that I have a USD account – I do not want to withdraw in HKD – but they will not change their system. I am forced to exchange with them and withdraw in HKD. I even have an account in Europe but they will not let me withdraw into that account. They are making soooo much money off people who use currencies other than EUR or USD. I HATE that I have had to use them for so long … 😦

  2. JML

    Hi Aparna! Thanks for stopping by. I hope one of the sites presented works out for you and you will have no more headaches!

    I noticed that when we order from Asia off eBay, we get charged an additional bank fee (% of what we have originally spent plus a %) from the seller’s bank our money is being sent to. You are right about the extreme charges!

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