Week 4 GiveAway: Paper Crafts Subscription

Week 4 Bonus GiveAway

Week 4 Bonus GiveAway

I am throwing in this bonus GiveAway.  Entry deadline is Sunday October 12 at midnight.

A one year subscription to Paper Crafts Magazine.
If you enjoy cardmaking and scrapbooking, this magazine gives lots of ideas, tips and tricks.

Check out these images on Google of all the fun things that have been inspired and created!

Visit their website to see what else they have to offer.

To enter — leave your email in the box and a useful paper crafting tip.

Enter once — Akismet spam blocker is in use and comment approval for first time posters.



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11 responses to “Week 4 GiveAway: Paper Crafts Subscription

  1. Card makers ~ invest in a scor-pal and bone folder.
    With the Scor-pal, when you fold your cardstock, your edges will meet perfectly. No trimming required. The bone folder makes a nice crisp fold, & the tip can also act as a scoring tool.
    Karen Seifert

  2. Lisa C

    I always use double sided tape on my projects and store unfinished projects in ziploc baggies.
    Thanks for hosting.

  3. Try to make more than one card at a time. I try to make three or four that are similar in style, tho not identical. I then will send them to folks in different families. This can save lots of time in my large family. Works great for things like anniversaries of the far flung relatives. Or I will do a batch of juvenile cards for the under 7 set. Or a masculine batch for guy birthdays.

  4. Swedie

    I keep a shoebox size storage container with duplicates of some of my most used tools: scissors, ruler, tape, glue, etc. Then when I need to take them with me, they are ready to go and I am less likely to leave behind something I need.

  5. Candy Meyers

    I use pastels for backgrounds as well as coloring images. Pastels will stay on the paper without needing to be sealed, whereas chalk will eventually disappear if not sealed. I have stick pastels by Koss, but there are several others out there that are just as good. And the neat thing about them is if you don’t like the look, you can erase it and try something else. You can’t do this with markers.

  6. julie

    When I stamp an embellishment for a card I make a couple of extras for future use.

  7. I love using my Cuttlebug embossing folders to make layers for card fronts!! I have a large size index card box full of already embossed designs in several different colors ready to attach to the front of a card.

  8. Wow, what a fabulous giveaway!

    My tip is, when you have your stamps out, stamp out several images……the extra ones can be stored away and used when needed. When I colour images, I usually do several at a time. Saves a lot of time if you have ready coloured images to choose from if you need to make a card in a hurry.

  9. Elizabeth

    I’ve learned that it’s best to make several of the same card instead of just one. It makes the most of the design you’ve created and maximizes your time efficiency. I do keep a little file of one of each of the cards I’ve made both for my own sentimental satisfaction and for possible future ideas.

  10. Oh wow, that is cool!!!

    My tip, when using double sided-tape, only stick half down on each side, with the pulled away bit bent out to the side, then if you make a whoopsie, like I always do, it is easier to take back up and helps with positioning, when happy pull the rest of it away with the parts that you have left on the outside!


  11. Tejal

    Darn! I missed the deadline..I hope the person who wins enjoy this mag..its fabulous..
    Just thought I’d drop by a small tip..When using clear acrylic stamps, always and I mean always condition them before the first use. rub an eraser over the stamp and then ink it up. It will give crisp impressions after that.

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