Week 1 GiveAway: The Penland Book of Handmade Books

GiveAway Week 1

GiveAway Week 1

Welcome to Stamphenge’s new home here at WordPress.

To celebrate the move and being 10 years on the net — this is week 1 of three weeks of bookmaking giveaways.  Week 2 will have another book and the third week there will be three prizes, so you will have to come back and enter those weeks also.

All you have to do is just sign up for this week’s GiveAway leaving your name and website (if you have one) email address (only I see it, so I can contact you) in the boxes provided AND one stamping, cardmaking, paper arts, or scrapping tip, trick, or technique, or storage tip. 

Sorry, but if you leave no tip/trick, you are automatically disqualified.
A winner will be selected on Monday September 15 by using the randomizer. The book will be sent to the winner book rate or surface mail depending where it is going, I will contact you for your address.  Good luck and thanks for stopping by.  More is added/updated to this site on a regular basis so stop on by again and browse a while.

Ends –> Sunday September 14th at midnight.

Note: Post once — all comments go through Akismet Spam then have to be approved before they appear.



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15 responses to “Week 1 GiveAway: The Penland Book of Handmade Books

  1. Swedie

    I have really wanted to make some books… I have seen so many really nice ones. For gluing, I use an old catalog or telephone book, and tear off the pages as they get messy, so that I always have a clean surface on which to work.

  2. Carol

    Been wanting to make one of these for some time!!!

    A couple Tips On Embossing:

    Line a clip board with aluminum foil. Then put your image to emboss under the clip portion to hold it steady. The foil will bounce the heat back to the image from the backside and emboss faster and more evenly…

    Glycerin can be used as embossing ink. Its pretty thick so you’ll need to mix it with water to get the right consistency. I use one part glycerin to two parts water…Pour it into a sponge applicator like the post office uses for stamps or just apply with a makeup sponge. You can also dilute it to half glycerin and half water and use it in a spray bottle to cover an entire card or mask portions before spraying and embossing…

  3. To make your own unique background papers you can get some wonderful results from scanning and printing countless household items. I’ve seen it done with a knitted sweater and I’ve done it with a piece of silk. You can put numerous buttons on your scanner then cover with pretty colored fabric before you scan. Paperclips are interesting….the possibilities are endless.

  4. Ina Ftacek

    I like to use pop tops for buckles to attach ribbon on my cards…you can also color them with alcohol inks. I would love to win new bookmaking technicques! Thanks for the opportunity!Ina

  5. Ina Ftacek

    I love to use pop tops for buckles on my cards to attach ribbon and they can be colored to match or otherwise with alcohol inks. I would love to win bookmaking and thanks for the opportunity! Ina

  6. Nicole (ikkinlala)

    A storage tip: my supply area became a lot neater once I started storing things in an old filing cabinet.

  7. Julie

    I like to make my own stickers. I buy the Avery clear address labels for inkjet printers. I don’t even have to print the whole page at once. The unprinted ones left on the page can be run through and printed later.

  8. Debbie Schubauer

    My tip is when you punch an image from your card stock – put a piece of tape covering the hole – with the sticky side showing through the hole – and then sprinkle glitter over it. You now have a glittery design of whatever image you punched out.
    Debbie Schubauer

  9. Hi Jean, thanks for the link update!

    My tip is to go to the hardware store my hubby likes for organizational supplies. Harbor Freight is my favorite (and his!) and the best thing they have that I use all the time is this


    Love it!

  10. I would love to be entered and do not really have a tip but do have a question or suggestion and that is that I would love to see more tutorials and easy to understand methods on binding and quirky ways of binding. It would also be so helpful if book sites would list on the sidebar a column of links we can go to to buy tools used such as the little drills, saws and other things not usually used in paper arts. Thanks for an awesome site.

  11. What a lovely opportunity, thank you!

    The local wallpaper store allows people to take their retired wallpaper books. I love using wallpaper for the covers of my journals; it makes them easy to wipe clean (especially important for the back!), folds over the chipboard for nice mitered corners, and can be covered up with cardstock if desired, or by itself may make the perfect cover design.

  12. Catalogue your supplies! I use small photo albums with plastic sleeves and catalogue my ink colours (sorted by brands). I also glue a punchie from all of my punches to a page, you can also keep track of things like Twinkling H2o colours. Take your photo album(s) with you each time you go shopping for supplies – this way you wont double up on items.

    Of course you should also be cataloguing your stamps – I catalogue mine by different categories eg. flowers, alphabets, backgrounds, words etc. You could also categorize by stamp company…..it’s up to your personal preference.

  13. Ooh, that looks like a great book book 🙂 (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    My tip – store embellishments by color! I used to keep them grouped by type (brads, flowers, etc) but I’m getting much more use out of them now that I’ve gone to color family boxes – I may not remember I have a particular item, but if I’m looking for an accent for a red & black card, I’ll see it all in one place.

  14. My tip is to use instructions for making books only as a guide, but take detours. Add in envelopes for store-add in pieces of your own artwork, vintage photos, beautiful papers, etc. Reflect your taste and personality and make the book your own.

  15. Elizabeth M.

    Use labels on the outside of your storage drawers/compartments/boxes, etc. It helps you remember what types of embellishments and add-ons that you have. I often forget my inventory when I go through periods of no scrapping.

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