Welcome to Stamphenge!

I am sorry about the unexpected downfall of the other sites so suddenly, however, I have resorted to this format, a bit different from developing webpages, the end result is the same.

If you have bookmarked the other sites, replace it with this reliable one.  I know that many people had it on their social networks or blogs so I know thousands are just as surprised as I was when it disappeared.

In September, I will be having a grand opening or re-opening of Stamphenge and will be hosting three GiveAways with five book making books as prizes, since September 18th is my birthday. 
Yes, a blog party for me! 
One prize the first two weeks and the last week there will be three prizes awarded.

You will have one week to register for the prize given that week
To enter, just post a comment on the prize related post that week.  One entry/comment per prize.
You must provide a working email to be contacted.
Posting dates September 7, 14, and 22.
Winners will be announced on September 15, 22, and 29th on the original post.

To earn an extra entry on all three prizes — post a blog entry announcing the re-opening of Stamphenge with the banner (get the banner code here, opens new window).  Once you have done that,  come back here and post the direct/permalink of your blog entry on this post.
You must provide a working email.
Add Stamphenge to your StumbleUpon, Furl, or other social bookmarking site.
If you do both, then you will earn another three entries for a preliminary total of 6, two in each give away.
If you add to StumbleUpon, Furl or the like — you must email me (contact page) your username/social bookmarking site URL so I can view your bookmark then put you down individually on the randomizer list.

Shipping of prizes will be at book rate.
Banner made with Raspberry Road Designs Passing Thoughts Paper and Elements
Traci Sims Altered State ATC Kit (ripped music)



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4 responses to “Welcome to Stamphenge!

  1. Hopefully WordPress will be a good long-term solution for you! I posted the info on my blog:

  2. I will spread the word on my blog for ya!


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