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The internet is not a free for all.
I have developed this site and written all the information over a 12 year period.
It is here as a help and advice site to give you information or ideas for personal use only.
If you wish to share information on this site with your friends post the page URL only to message boards, emails, or blogs.

Do not copy and paste any article anywhere on the net (message boards, emails, sites).

Please also note that if you do copy and paste an article, I will find it and email the site administers to remove my work.
On certain sites, if my work is found, I have the right to complain and your site could be at risk of removal without notification.

I am also able to see if my graphics have been stolen and where they are so I can track you down.
From time to time, I do change URLs of images so that they will not show elsewhere.
Keep in mind, that some people pay bandwidth costs to post their images.
Some are charged an amount of money if they use up more than what they are given per day or month.
You could be costing a person cold hard cash if you steal.
Never steal images by copying and pasting from sites or off any search for images.

If you have any other questions, thoughts, comments, use the contact page.  Thanks.

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