Tips for successful Geocaching or Letterboxing
Motto: Be Prepared!
Before leaving: check the weather, sunrise/sunset, and bring appropriate clothing. Wear hiking boots, you typically are in the woods.
Print out of caches you are going to and any other information (like spoilers if you “cheat”). You need your location cords to find your cache or letterbox.
Bring a local map ( Google, Mapquest or MapBlast can be printed off the net.)
notebook/journal, pencil (you keep track of what you find or not for a score)
dye ink stamp pad, handcarved stamp for Letterboxing
Basics to bring:
gps (lithium batteries) and compass (to get around, take car park coords so you can find it if you have to hike off the track)
work gloves for reaching into crevices or hollows
2 way radio or a cell phone
cache goodies to trade
extendable mirror (6″ to 24″) like a periscope so you can check the crevices.
Safety items
first aid kit
bug juice
walkie talkies
water and snacks
lighter or matches
flashlight and spare batteries (check those crevices!)
signal mirror (for a rescue, in case)
pocket knife or a multi use tool
plastic bags
ribbons/neon colored placemarkers to mark your trail
small towel, a rag or bandana
baby wipes, wet wipes travel size
Sweatshirt or jacket
rain anarak or rain poncho
Optional: mini recorder to voice record your adventure to transcribe later at leisure.
Keep most of this in your backpack or a good pocketed vest.