Soda Bottle Mailer

Soda Bottle Mailer, Pop Bottle Mailer

Great for a Secret Sister, Stamping Pal, or a good friend.
This is also a type of swap where you are matched up with another person and you send stamping stuff (specified by an interest survey and then you are matched to a partner or theme (color, content, scavenger findings) by hostess)
Instructions by Jean Laverdiere
Read through all instructions before beginning, there are 4 ways to do this so pick one.
Use a 2 liter clear with smooth sides (or smaller) soda/water bottle to mail stampin goodies to a Secret Sister or as an RAK to a stampin buddy. The 2 liters can hold a card without getting mangled.
Gather all the stuff you want to put in the bottle first. Crimp and shred some colored paper to use as a buffer so things don’t rattle around very much besides looking pretty.  You can also use Easter grass or colored excelsior.  Consider the weather if you are going to mail chocolate.  You may want to tuck the chocolate into a ziplock bag in case it melts it won’t make a mess on the other items.
Remove label. Get rid of sticky residue by wiping down the bottle with paint thinner.  Clean the bottle thoroughly to get rid of the odor and the sugar stickiness.
Hot glue the cap onto the bottle first. Be careful, plastic gets hot.
How to cut it open to fill: 3 ways but use  2 inch clear  packing tape to close them up when you are done stuffing. To cut open use a small utility knife. Now before you consider any way to cut open, look at what you are going to stuff in there and decide how you want to cut it to get the items in the bottle easily.
1. Cut a vertical slit in it, pull bottle a bit to open and stuff.
2. Cut around the bottom piece (that colored piece some have or there is a slight line) 3/4 of the way. Twist open and pull back to stuff.
3. Cut a trap door.  A long rectangle is good, cut only three sides.  If you are going to put a card in there, make sure the trap door will allow it to be pushed in easily.  You can easily tape the trap door back in place and then adhere the address label over it to hide it.  Idea here for concealing is clear contact paper.

4. Cut an “H”, so you create a “french door effect”.  Place label over that to secure the cut and send off.
Note if you are extremely clever: If you decide to go with the trap door, you can cleverly add the tape to the inside of the bottle first before closing up.  To make sure the trap door sticks to the tape, do not hot glue the cap on first. stick a dowel in the top to help manipulate (if you have to ) the tape and offer a bit of support when you add the door on.  Again, put the mailing label over this to cover it up.
You can mail it regular rate or priority.

Check out RAK and Secret Sister Ideas to stuff your soda bottle mailer.

5 responses to “Soda Bottle Mailer

  1. What a great idea! Are you sure the P.O. will accept this? I’m looking for an idea for mailing invitations to our art show and this may just be the ticket!


  2. JML

    Yes, I have done swaps or RAKs mailing the soda bottles. I need to post a picture of one!

  3. Kezia

    Hi! Thanks for this great idea. I tried it with a two liter bottle and the receipients were thrilled!

  4. Jenn

    I work for USPS and they do accept these. They are so cute! All us postal workers get excited when one comes through the mail and pass them around to ooh and ahh over them. I guess we’re all really bored! lol But really they are such a cute, fun idea!

  5. lizanne

    I have done this tons of times. It makes a great college care package. I stuff it with a gift card for gas or a favorite fast food place, penny candy from the bulk aisle, a toothbrush, homemade cookies (in a baggie to stay fresher) gum, drink mix packets, tea bags, quarters for laundry, a small lint roller, hair bands, pens or markers, whatever you can stuff into the opening.Last week I sent one to my 9 yr old niece for no reason at all. She was thrilled to be the one getting a care package after listening to her college age siblings talk about care packages. They brighten up faces all along the trip. The postal workers always smile when I come in with my bag of bottles.

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