Setting Up a Stamp Club

Creating a Rubber Stamp Club
Ideas on creating one

Find a place to hold meetings every 4-8 weeks. Set dates with  the management of the meeting facility.  Libraries or community centers are good meeting centers.  Always clean up after you leave, especially the glitter. EP, or tables. Someone may have some old smooth vinyl table coverings, or you can get some vinyl custom cut at Joanne’s. (Resturaunts may have a room to rent but be wary of doing projects there due to health/cleaning issues from product use around food. Dining out with the stamp club and then showing your creations is more typical in this environment.)
Decide on membership dues for the year, usually around $10.00-15.00, this covers postage, printing flyers, and guest speakers you can invite to demo, or special supplies needed for such a demo.)  Some clubs have an annual event like a small party or picnic and use some of  the dues money to purchase the main dish while other members bring the potluck side dishes. Keep your event simple and easy to plan as well as be a participant.
Establish a privacy policy – no one shares names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, with anyone outside the club for private commercial gain.
Create some basic guidelines (formal or informal meetings, what goes on) and update them as  membership grows.
Elect officers or  select dependable people in charge of arranging things.  However, make it a point to have each member be responsible for helping out x amount of times per year.
Create a disbanding clause in your charter addressing what will happen to the collected dues over the years.  Some disbanned clubs have a huge final party buying materials and solely using ALL the materials (mostly cs and a donation of postage) to create RAKs for non-profit card collecting agencies. 
Create a club name tag with logo which members are given after dues is paid and should be mandatory to wear at every meeting. (keep this in your stamping kit (discussed below) you bring to the club, some clubs “fine” members $.50-1.00 if they don’t have it to add to their coffers)
Members should be required to demonstrate a technique (use of product or tool, card construction, book/box making, stamping technique: ie: “masking”)  at least once a year. Some members may do more than one demo because you may have lots of newbies in your club which outnumber the experienced members)
If you have enough money, you can hire a professional demonstrator to do a MAT/MITI (make and take or make it take it) workshop.  Each professional has a different set up and cost fees so you need to check into a few to see who your club best can afford.
Basic Set Up:
Decide on a time and how long your meeting will run.  Break down your time to include the following components and use time constructively.  Socializing can happen before or during sharing time but not during the business and demo time as this can be a major distraction.  Time is money (if you pay rent for your space), use it wisely and members should be considerate of this issue.
Business Issues at the beginning with an agenda to cover.
Demonstration (please be attentive during this portion as some people are nerve wracked to instruct or some have quiet voices, other members may also have hearing problems, so please be considerate of all of these issues and be a good audience participant.)
Work time: when you can try the new technique shown in the demonstration.  You can ask questions at this time.
You can also share your stamps with other members. Break in those virgin stamps!
A limit (like 4 sheets of full cs) should be set to how many pages you are allowed to create stamped images on. Members provide their own ink and cs to do this, only the stamps are borrowed and are cleaned after using.
Sharing time: any rubber news, sharing cards you got, ideas, catalogs, local sales and demos/classes can be discussed at this time.
Stamp Club meetings are fun and relaxing, or should be, however a few things to leave at home should be your kids, pets, cell phones and or pagers, as they can be very distracting during a limited meeting.  View your stamp club meeting as a personal escape or sanity therapy.
Snacks??? Maybe, you decide how that works. Some facilities do not permit them so ask about that when on your site search.
Every member should bring a basic stamping kit with them.
More ideas on stamp club activities/functions