Scrapbook and Card Making Monthly Kit Clubs

Card and Scrapbook Monthly Kits
Scrapbook and Card Making Kit Clubs

There are so many of them so here are a few tips to consider when deciding on spending your hard earned money.
First up — take a look at their website and inspiration gallery from the Design Team and customers to see if you like the projects shown with the kits they sell.
Also, check out their customer support and accepted payment/payment plans and satisfaction guarantees and return policies including return postage.

Average kit (without postage) costs $15-$45. per month or kit, add ons, a la carte items cost extra — shipment dates usually are the first of the month.
Some kit costs include free shipping but some do not and shipping is an extra expense to the cost of the kit.
Others offer free shipping if you are on an automatic payment plan and commitment of time.
Shipping cost and speed should be a consideration when making your kit company choice.
Kits can be discounted IF you decide to sign up and commit for a set amount of time (varies per club) or you pay for a set amount of time up front.
Kits can be discounted and offer free shipping also!

Things to consider —

1. What does the kit offer (quality paper and embellishments**, brand names, designers idea sheet, techniques, number of projects) for the suggested price/value?
Can you get add on kits to compliment the kit you just purchased?

2. Must you buy every month or every few weeks or do they provide a preview and you can refuse a shipment in advance?

3. What is the time commitment time element or number of purchases required before you can quit/stop shipments?
Some want a commitment of months while others offer a commitment of time and over that time you must make x amount of purchases.
In some instances, your commitment may just be to buy x amount of kits and you can be done with your commitment, this may take a long time but you buy what you want.

4. Do they have a community with support/advice or tutorials (video or written), newsletter on how to use the products?

5. When looking at the finished projects by others, how would you use the material?

6. How much of the material do you think you can use per kit?

7. How much would you estimate to have left over and recycle/reuse in other projects like cards or mini-books?
(Can always offer the excess for GiveAways, or trade or use for RAKs, or sell a lot on Craigslist)

8. Can you purchase a past kit (if you passed first time, or really like it to make another for a gift)? Do they offer specials or discounts?

The good things about club kits are that for most, they are convenient because everything works together however, you must consider the price and commitment to shipment.
It also saves you time and money because if you are not good at putting colors or patterns together, it is all done for you and arrives at your doorstep without you having to find time or gas money to get to the local sb shop.
For those not close to a sb shop, this is very convenient.
They are also good for the beginner self starter who needs some designer guidance.
Kits can inspire you and get you going again if you have had a creative slump.

Based on previous kits and projects created with them, pick a few companies that represent your style or taste and compare each next to each other then make the best buy purchase decision possible for your circumstance/needs.

Here are a few reliable clubs that have been around for some time to look at to select your style/taste/budget.
Search Google (monthly scrapbook kits) for additional clubs since many come and go.

A Memory to Scrap – (least expensive if you commit to a year subscription)
Club Scrap — offers a few versions of club kits, add ons, and a la carte items.
Kit and Kaboodle – least expensive, variety of plans
Little Red Scrapbook
Mosh Posh (least expensive if you commit to 6 months)
Paper Posies(several types of commitments, or just purchase one month)
Paper Wishespersonal-shopper/monthly-scrapbooking-cardmaking-kits.html there are several clubs to join here including cards, stamps, scrapbooking, and embellishments
Scarlett Lime

Not included or referenced in this article are the Digital Scrapbooking Clubs which are run similiar only are downloadable with no postage.

**In addition to an assortment of papers/card stock, embellishments can include: alphabet letters, beads/Beedz, buttons, chipboard, flowers, fibers, lace, ribbons, frames, metal embellishments, stickers, transparencies, rubons, and sometimes a rubber/clear stamp/s.