Scrapbook Album Types

Scrapbook albums come in many types.
This article is a general overview of what you can readily purchase.
Albums typically come in the traditional 12 x 12 size or 8 1/2 x 11 size.
There are also 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 which are just as popular for themed type albums.

1. Post Bound albums — this allows you to expand your album with little screw like posts to add more pages.
They come with a flexible binding that expands when adding more pages. An album like this allows you to add or take away pages or rearrange them.
A two page layout looks continuous when opened. These are very popular and are most versatile.

2. Ring Binders — just like a notebook. There are two types, the O rings or the D rings.
You use page protectors in these albums and you can add or take away pages or rearrange them.
A two page layout will be broken up by the rings.

3. Fixed albums or bound albums (normal binding or wire bindings) have a set number of pages, some with page protectorsm not all, and additional pages cannot be added to them.  Some look like a sketch album and can be completely customized.

4. Strap bound bindings have some flexibility to re-arrange pages but you must take the album apart to do this as the pages are bound to the strap.
To rearrange pages, you slip them out of the page protector, re-arrange your pages, and then re-load them in the page protectors.
This means you must handle your work and could mean possible damage when handling if re-arranging.

Page Protectors
These are clear vinyl pages that are either top loading (preferred) or side loading.
You can buy them in refill packs and various sizes depending on your album.
You slip your work in so that the vinyl sandwiches your page, and put it in an album.
Now if you can arrange your pages freely, stick them in the order you wish.
If not, then you may have to re-arrange an album to get your pages in the correct order.
This is why many people choose albums that they can re-arrange pages in.

Additional Albums

There are smaller albums available. Some you can add additional pages to and some you can’t.
Then there are prefixed albums that come with a set of pages that you cannot add additional pages to.
An accordion album is an example of a prefixed album.
A wire bound album is another example.
Mini-book kits have a pre-determined number of pages.

Albums with magnetic static pages are not recommended as they are not archival quality and when removing pictures from an exisiting album, you may find that magnetic adhesive slathered on the back of your pictures. This sticky residue is hard to remove.

If you don’t see what you want maybe you can get creative and make your own album.
Check out the various types of
minibook albums to create and customize to your own theme or taste.