RAKs Explained

Define RAK – What does RAK mean?
RAK Lists- What are they and how do they work?

RAK 101 – The Basic Concept
RAK is an acronym for Random Act of Kindness
An RAK list is a list of community member’s names and snail mail email/addresses.  Each list is exclusive to that community.  Each list is exclusive only to the members on it and who receives it.  Usually, you receive it if you are on it.  Lists are not to be shared with non-members or by members who send it to another member who is not on the list.  Doing this is a major faux pas and could cost you your membership in a community.
These lists are also not used for promotional purposes either.  They are private lists among members.
Some groups require that you become a part of the community and participate by posting or chatting before you can apply to be on the list.
Each community has an RAK listkeeper.  You send the listkeeper the information they require for their list.  Sometimes you include birthdate/anniversary or favorite images. Information for RAK lists varies from community to community.  Some lists are sent out every month, two months or longer.  This depends on the size of the community and the volunteer co-ordinator (be very nice to her!!, this is an enormous job).
Small lists are sent normal email, larger lists are sent as an attachment.  These are huge sized emails.  If you are on several RAK lists, you may just want another free email address to send all RAK lists to and create folders in your email box.
If you are on a list, nothing is required of you, however, if you get an RAK, you should send one out, either to the person who sent you one OR another person on the list. Some communities have established one on one RAK Lists with a tally keeper.  When you get one, you send one back to the person who sends you one (one time back and forth one on one swap).  You must post to the list for the list keeper to see who has sent what.  If you don’t post, or don’t send out something, you are removed from the list.
Stamped items are acceptable and also other suitable items on the list.
TIP: Always mark on your envelope, the community RAK list you have gotten their name off of.  Sometimes people (RAK senders) get a bit upset when an RAK is not acknowledged either privately or on the list itself (where in some communities you are required to describe them for idea purposes). Be considerate for the kind actions of others and always return an RAK when you recieve one.
Cyber ecards are considered RAKs also.
Some groups have a Wish List page where you list things that you want or need. 
This comes in handy if you are on a RAK list and is helpful.
If you leave a group or no longer can commit yourself to the RAK list, email the listkeeper and ask to be removed.
In some communities, if you are not active for a very long time, you may be removed from the list automatically at some point.
Troublemakers in communities are usually banned and removed from the list automatically.
Some of these lists are very long.  They are sent to your email box and take up quite a bit of space either as an email or in some cases, a very long list sent as an attachment.  Please scan for viruses before opening any attachment.
When you recieve an RAK, you should email the person who sent you it and thank them.  Some communities require you thank them on the message board also and include a good description or upload a scan into their albums.
Other similiar terms:
DAKDeliberate Act of Kindness – meaning someone knows you need something and sends it too you automatically.  You do not have to be on a RAK list to have this done for you. In most cases, most people do not sign their names to this sort of deed.  In that case, it should be know as a Divine Act of Kindness.
SAKSimple or Sincere Act of Kindess which is the same as RAK in definition.

RAK Ideas

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