My Stamp Space 2B

I am in the process of creating my stamping space in my cellar. I get a quarter of the cellar (oil tank and heating system included) and a wall measuring 10’8″ and 8 feet high.
Before I begin, I need my husband to put up wallboard and put in a few outlets.

Meanwhile, I have accumulated things for my stamp area by going to yard sales for a few years now, so here is my list of goodies I have gotten to incorporate.

I have a good idea of what I am going to do but don’t have an actual plan . . . yet.

Counter — This was my first find. One day I was cleaning my house and I found this Formica chip that was white with little black letters on it. Very cute.
I picked it up at the hardware store because I loved it and thought someday I would have a perfect counter like this in my stamp space. I never thought it would be discontinued.

I laughed when I saw it cleaning but for days I kept on thinking about it. The thought would not go away.

Then that Saturday (my birthday!), we went to a moving out yard sale (moving out stuff after they have moved in) and we had to climb a big hill to get to the house. Very tiring.
When I got to the top, they had the EXACT counter I had dreamed of and thought of for days before! There was a lot of it too. They said that they did not like the new counters (new house) and replaced them.

I asked how much and they told me I could have it all for $10.00!!!!! DEAL and steal! My dream came true because the thought persisted.

So we are going to prop the counter up either with 2×4’s or piping and slide the Iris carts (stamp storage) under the counter. Another alternative is to buy a couple of base cabinets to support it if we want to spend that kind of money.

Cabinets — this was free. Someone was throwing out a cream colored 3 glass door wall cabinet (57 1/2″ wide x 3′ high x 16″ deep) with a couple of shelves by the roadside on my way to the beauty parlor. I told dh to go back and pick it up after he dropped me off. We brought it home and painted it black.

On the inside back, I put some Liz Claiborne fabric that was beige with black type style letters.

24 Cubby Literature Bin — A doctor was moving to Mexico with his girlfriend after a divorce. I got this for $3.00 from his “estate sale”. Great for paper. I might paint the whole thing black. Right now, it is the same background color as the Liz Claiborne fabric.

Bookcase — This was very ugly (white and a shody sponge paint job in bright blue) when we found it at a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser for $5.00. We painted it black and added more of the Liz Claiborne fabric on the back side to match the 3 door tossed by the roadside cabinet. Bookcase measures 4′ wide x 3′ high x 9″ deep.

3 Draw File Cabinet — This was ugly brown and of course we painted it black. Cost was $3.00 and I got a nice leather attache case with a secret code thrown in for good luck.

Counter Top — at another sale around the corner from us, a new home owner had a wrong cut counter top for an island, too small, no overhang. It was black with white specks. Perfect! $15.00.

dh made an apron to support the 45″ x 36″ top, and added 2×4 legs. Perfect use for lumber scraps we had hanging around. The apron and legs are painted black. We are considering cutting down the legs and putting some wheels on the table for mobility.

Two Chairs — at a Girl Scout fundraiser sale, we got two captain’s chairs for $6.00. They are very sturdy so I think they were restaurant chairs. We painted them black. They now go with the wrong cut island counter top. This is the craft table.

Wall file — this was dull gray and at an office sale for $3.00. Painted it black (of course, everything has to go with the oil tank) Good for paper or magazines.

Pampered Chef rotating tool bin — got a couple of these at sales for $1 and $2.

Glass Jars — I have been collecting these, all shapes and sizes and I will put ribbon in them then put them in the 3 draw glass cabinet. Typically 25 cents to $2.00 depending on size and shape.

Iron hooks, Iron mug stand, and a shelf — total $5.  Hooks and mug stand (black!) for tapes, ribbon, and the shelf can hold glues.

Counter chair — I splurged here at a used furniture consignment shop and found one with a wide  seat, caned scroll back, and painted black! The chair wood need a small repair, nothing wood bondo could not fix and a bit of paint. The seat is fake leather/vinyl and I may decide to put the Liz Claiborne fabric on it. Cost $20.00

Rolling Kitchen Cart — I got this from my neighbor for $10. It is wood with a shelf underneath.  I keep my paper cutter on it, and punch box underneath.

Recycled — I had a white microwave cart that I have re purposed in the area that slides under the counter.

Idea — I would like some sort of bamboo/matchstick shade or curtain of some sort to seperate my area from my husbands train area.

So far, not including the Pampered Chef rotating tool bin, and the glass jars, I have spent $80.00 on things which the counters and chairs count for the most expense.

The ink black paint was $14. a gallon. (Klitz at WalMart).
Two yards of Liz Claiborne fabric on sale at JoAnnes with a 40% off coupon — $20.00.
I think the wallboard (nails, tape, spackling, paint) and electric job may run around $200.

Now to only get my husband to find time to do this job and stop playing with his trains!

(I will be adding pictures later, when completed.)

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