Inchies, Twinchies Definitions

Inchie, Twinchies, Betwinchies and more explained.
Inchie, Twinchies and Betwinchies ideas, tutorials, projects.

Inchie Art — very similiar to the Serendipity stamp technique only done with perfect sized 1″ (one inch) squares.
It is a great way to use up your scraps.

Inchies are one inch by one inch squares of paper (or fiber) that contain small art, collaged or hand-drawn.

Inchies can be made by a one inch square paper punch or use a quilter’s one inch wide ruler, or a grid craft mat, with a cork back ruler to guide you to draw your inchie lines.

Here are some downloadable PDF templates I made that you can print off on card stock, decorate the non-grid side, and then cut the grid side.

Gray Grid | Blue Grid | Black Grid

A base of an inchie should be sturdy — recycle cereal boxes, business cards, promotional post cards, card stock (from last year’s Christmas cards), chipboard (backs of paper pads) for a sturdy base.

Or using mixed media, create a paper of collage and cut it up into inchie squares.
( I create a graph of inchies on the backside first, and do the art on the front side, then cut on the lines. Some people work in just a one inch paper strips.)

Watercolor paper (140lb cold press watercolor paper) works well for inchies whether you use it as a base and layer images onto your square, or paint it for a background design.

Using a punch, you can cut inchies out of any sort of picture (like magazines) then mount on something sturdy.

Tip: Put the paper inside the punch upside down then flip the punch over and punch so that you see the image framed in the opening.

Inchies can be embellished with punches, beads, thread, buttons, glitter, stickers, etc.

Paper inchies can also be digital images sized down to create an inchie background and images layered on that one inch square.

Inchies can be themed or just made up on a whim. The art is care free.

Inchies can be mounted on a 1 1/2 inch square to “frame” them.

Inchies can also be made of fabric or wool felt with beads, buttons, and embroidery, however, this article is only referring to the paper art kind.

Betwinchies are the same concept as an inchie only it is a 1 1/2 inch square.

Twinchies — are the same concept as an inchie only it is 2 inches squared.

Rinchies — are the same concept as an inchie only it is a circle of one inch diameter.   A 1 inch circle punch works well.

Rolo (Art) — altering, redecorating a Rolodex card that fits on a flat file type Rolodex or the circular one. (Find a used one at a consignment shop, yard sale, refill cards are available — new ones can be found at office supplie stores or WalMart).

Moo Cards — rectangular and sized 1 1/8 inches by 2 3/4 inches. They contain a portion/slice of a picture on one side and the other side promotional information (business, website).
They can be used as a business card or traded like an ATC or an Inchie.
Moo cards can be ordered here. Embellish them if you wish.

What do you do with Inchies/Twinchies?Betwinchies?

First off, once you start, it can become addicting (like making ATCs) to create more and more.
So here are some ways you can use them.

On cards or ATCs — single or in groups, frame them on a layer or a few layers.

Bookmarks — the easiest project, base, layer paper, layer inchies, add fibers and or beads.

On scrapbooking pages — add a letter to each square to create a word on your page. You can do this on a card too (Hello — Hi).

Frame a set of inchies (or an entire set from a swap) for instant art.

Make a mini-book and put them on the pages.

Trade/swap them and start a collection. (Put user name/year, email on the back or use a logo stamp or printed address label.)

Additional technique Ideas:

Add a layer of diamond glaze or UTEE over your stamped image, and add some Beedz or mica powder.

Ink or distress edges of an inchie to give it some definition or depth.

Add a touch of metallic to the edges using a Krylon Gold Leaf, Copper or Bronze pen.

Gel Pens or Sharpies can add details or textures.

Apply white glue and add glitter or use Stickles.

Any stamping technique would work to make a nice background to your inchie art.
An inchie swap with a technique would make a great little resource.

Digital images shrunk down make neat images to collage or add digitally to your inchie background.

Inchies can be made into pins or necklaces.

I should also mention another art form that is based on a square and that is called ArtSquared — these are usually 4 by 4 inched art pieces but have also included other square sizes.

Helpful Links

Inkadinkadoo stamps has a series of clear stamps (see the Clear Stamp Tutorial) that are perfect inchies.
They come in themed sets and retail about $10. a set.

An inch square or circle punch (EK Success or McGill) would come in handy also.
One that is just a quarter or eighth of an inch larger would come in handy as a layer.

Some of the smaller Cuttlebug squares or circles could be used as inchie or an inchie layer.

You can find these at your local Joann’s, Michaels, or ACMoore and use your discount coupon.

Online you can find the stamps and punches at Nona Designs — at a discount and sells other inchie supplies plus has a gallery to inspire you.

Inchie Frame Stamps (unmounted) can be bought at AlphaStamps (scroll the page a bit to see them)

For Inspiration

Small World of Inchies offers challenges.

Free Inchies from Shery K Designs (check her other posts!)

Free Inchie Sheet of Vintage Santas from ArtzeeCCC (offers other freebie printables too!)

Inchie Pool at Flickr

Inchie Cube Template — apply inchies to the cube, and add a hanger and maybe a tassel at the bottom.

A Twinchie Cube Template – this shows where the hangers go.

Inchie Envie (also an ATC envie) — bonus — scroll down the page for some Gothic Arches templates — compliments of Julie Howell


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