Geocaching (pronnounced “geo-cashing”, geo=earth, caching=treasures)

Geocaching is a fun family adventure and treasure finding activity, bring a picnic. It is very similiar to Letterboxing with a few additions making it more exciting! Especially for kids.

Someone places a waterproof all weather treasure box with a log book, and a disposable camera (most have them) in a public area, usually a nice unknown secret diversion with a fantastic view. Boxes are not buried but hidden and are placed in an area where there is little environmental impact slightly off the trail path.

Boxes are placed in natural areas, crevices.

Box owners post clues or instructions how to get to the box on the Geocaching website.

You go seek but it is recommended you have a GPS (more below on this) to help you locate the treasure.

When you find it, write in the log book, take your picture with the disposable camera marking the photo number in the journal, write something in the log book, about yourself, another box you found, another area to visit etc.

Take a treasure, leave a treasure

Then you post your find onto the Geocaching website.

Essential basics you need to bring: maps, your log book, pen/pencil, GPS, treasures,

What is a GPS?

Global Positioning System (tech tutorial) – a small hand held calculator that gives co-ords from satellites in space for your location to find the exact location of a box (you get the box co-ords off the net, that is if the box owner gives them out, sometimes it is just clues or cryptic clues, you can also get spoilers to help you along off the website). Works like a geiger counter in a sense, some fancy cars have this navigation system. It was developed by the government and now sold to consumers. Hunters use them and they are on boats and planes. Anyone going into the woods hiking should have one and a cell phone so rescuers can find you easier if you get lost. A basic inexpensive GPS is around $100.

It is best if you have one of these devices as it really helps you find letterboxes or a geo box. Without one, expect to be on the trail a very long time unless you find others on the same trail looking for the same box, you can work together.

Geocaching Treasure List (what we have found, what you can leave, ideas for you to start off)
Tips for a successful hunt