HOT Stamping LINKS

Listed here are some essential and basic stamping sites for newbies to help you out in your quest to achieve higher levels of stamping skill.

Important Note Update: Delphi Rubber Stampers shut down their tut pages early 2007. The message board remains. This decision was made because of bandwidth cost upkeep issues.
I am hopeful that with negotiation (current 10/08), I can put the tutorial pages back up again.
This is a long process.

If you know of a site that can be added to this list — please let me know!
I had to clean out many dead links on my update 3/09. Seems like many sites went away.

Hero Arts Learning Center
Cynscribe Tips and Tricks Links
Cloud Nine
Stampscape Lessons


RubberArt University Classes are gone.
Kari’s Collage – no longer exist – it was a great site too.
A Monthly Rubber Stamps Club went offline January 1. 2009
as did the backup sister site: Rubber Stamping Links Tutorials.

Card Instructions

Rebecca’s Card Patch

Card Phrases or Sayings
Little Sayings

Worthy Card Galleries
Heart Prints
Donovan’s (re-opened)
Gallery of Templates
Carlene’s Pages no longer exist — very sad.

Copyright Issues
Copyright Issues for Collage Artist 

Angel List
(companies that allow the sale of handstamped images)
Angel Policies of Stamp Companies
Dragon’s Home — seems not to be updated as much.

HGTV Carol Duval
CDS Archives are at DIY Network now.
You will have to put Carol Duvall Show in the search box.
HGTV or DIY changes their URLs because of bandwidth theft – people copying and pasting their project pages onto message boards. Do not do this!!

Stamping Vendor Links
(listed alphabetically)

Vendor/Site Contests with Prizes
(where your stamping skills can pay off!)

100 Proof Press

Delphi no longer hosts contests.
A Monthly Rubber Stamps Club aka AMRSC is no longer online as of January 1, 2009

Stamp Companies Gone by the Wayside
Click here to visit Joan Wear’s site to find out if a stamp company has gone out of business or someone else bought them out and their former stamp line is being resold by another company.