Creating a Craft Room

Creative space ideas.
Creating a craft stamp scrap room.
Ideas for a craft stamp scrap space.
Planning a creative stamp scrap room space.

Here are some simple basic ideas to get you thinking about your stamp/scrap room work space and storage.

Think about what you have and how you might store it.
Think about what your needs may be in the future and plan that into your space.
Look at pictures to get ideas to work with.

Measure your floor and wall space carefully. Draw out a diagram with a plan.
Keep in mind the swing of doors, heating/cooling units, and access to windows.
Put masking tape down to help visualize your space if you are buying specific items and know their measurements.
Or, find out what you can fit in the space after measuring it.
Also — think about if you are to move — what would you want to take with you?
For instance, installed cabinets would be bulky to move but an armoire and simple shelving may be easier to take with you.

Check out a used/consignment/thrift furniture store, yard or garage sales, even flea markets or antique shops (or Craigslist or your local FreeCycle) for an armoire that you can add a bit of conversion to to make use of your space.
Or shop around for a useful desk or table that is not too deep as well as cabinets, bookcases, cart or other suitable units.

Some people (like Carol Duvall) use an old flat door for a table.
The hole for the door knob is used to place a bag for trash.
One gal recycled a table top and used the cubicle storage units (she used 8, buy with discount coupons) under it to support it giving her more storage space.
Another option is to use “horses” to support the table top, inexpensive alternative support and easy to move.

If buying a table second hand — get one with straight legs rather than slant legs! You can always add cubicles later.
Some people just use conference tables that come in various sizes and abut two in a corner.

Even a stock counter top from the home improvement store can work for you for very little money.
You can slide Iris carts under the counter (measure height to fit) on the sides and put it desk level to put a chair to slide under.
You could do this for approx $100 (counter, wood, iris carts). Lowes just had a $10 off on $50 purchase — take a friend, split the order, and you both use coupons.
Counter tops can also be found on Craigslist or yard sales. Sometimes they are the wrong size or are removed for a renovation.

Another alternative — measure for your counter, get MFD board (cheap but good stuff), paint it your color, then add a glass top (easy to clean) over it for a work space.
You can put pictures or inspirations under the glass. Add 2 x 4’s for an apron and legs — again add the iris carts underneath for storage.

Think of your vertical space/wall space: peg board, bulletin board, shelving, hooks, rods, racks, bins, units.

Check the discounted items at the home improvement for cabinets.
Sometimes you can find many items on Craigslist or FreeCycle.
Another option is talk to the kitchen cabinet people at a shop, they change out displays and you can get a deal if you ask them to call you when they are going to replace old stock.
You can always paint them your color.

Other places that offer nifty storage items: IKEA, Target, WalMart, BigLots,  Lowes, HomeDepot, or The Container Store.

Here is an article for a simple $250 Scraproom — plenty of economical ideas there for a small space.

And this article is about my stamp space — all the finds were from yard sales or thrift shops all for little money!

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