Do you have a good sense of ethical value? Are you honest? Do you consider your character to be the most valued part of yourself?  Test yourself here and re-evaluate yourself, then make the proper changes in your attitude that needs attention for a more improved ethical you.
Answer True or False
1. I have copy and pasted  instructional material posted by someone else from one group to another without permission from the author.
2.   I have copied and pasted material from a private website (not your own) to a group.  Or have uploaded a template from a site into the files of your stamp group.
3.  I have photocopied instructions from a copyrighted book or magazine and distributed them to my friends.
4.  I have photocopied instructions from a stamp class and distributed them to my friends.
5.  I have photocopied pattern or templates that have been copyrighted then scanned those into files to be shared with all other members of my craft groups.
6. I have photocopied instructions or patterns from magazines, mass produced them. and used those as my contribution to a tech swap.
7. I have right clicked and saved a card sample to my puter then uploaded that sample into a file or photoalbum to share with my craft friends.
8. I have copied and pasted an image from another website then put it in my message.
9.  I have taken someone else’s instructions, copied them, printed them, maybe even mass produced them, and did not get permission nor gave them proper credit. Or I may have gotten permission, but did not properly credit them.  Or I got permission, were denied,  but used the material word for word anyways.
10.  I have taken someone else’s instructions off their webpage then put them on my own webpage without permission or granted courtesey from the originator.
11.  I have photocopied instructions, patterns, or templates from copyrighted material but altered them or **removed copyright information or source** from them and distributed them to my friends or scanned and uploaded them into files to share with other members of my craft groups 
12.  I have taped the Carol Duvall Show/s and sent the tape to my friend who does not have cable or does not get HGTV.
13.  I have never done above mentioned deeds 1-12.
If you have answered true to any of 1-12, you have violated the copyright of original copyright owners.  You have plagiarized.  This is equivalent to, rape, a strong word and comparison, but you get the point and feel the intense emotion and pain.  You would not want an invisible someone  to come into your home and  take your favorite possession that you created and walk off with it?  If you answered true to any of these, remember you are stealing and robbing earnings of many people who depend on sales to earn a living or keep a business in business, especially the small independent presses.
If you answered true to # 11, you have criminal intent.  Imagine someone else that you gave that to, passes it onto another, who passes it on to another, who then decides to publish or distributes it to the masses.  Who gets hurt here?  Who loses money to put food on their table?  Most published work is heavily researched before anything goes to press in the big publishing houses.
If you answered true to # 12, you have violated the copyright of your cable company, HGTV, and the Carol Duvall show.  HGTV has strict rules about the copy and distribution of their shows in markets where they are not franchised to cable companies.
Interpreting what you read in your own words is not a crime.  So if you see something you would like to share, rewrite it yourself for presentation and just hope no one violates your copyright by republishing it without your permission, on the web, or in print.  If that be the case, how would you feel?
Quoting and footnotes are also acceptable as long as the information source can be identified and is clearly stated within the article.
And just a note, anything on this site is not to be copied or pasted onto another site or email group.  See the TOS/COC page for my disclaimer.