Club Activities

Some Ideas to get you going:


The club management team would have to come up with an outline of themes/techniques/card construction and how these are run so it depends on your club and membership and what you vote on. Create a calendar for such events.


Image trading:

This is a wonderful addition to a club for members seeking a certain image but do not have the stamp. You will need a “Keeper of the Box” and a notebook to mark down contributors and keep accounts (members sign the book how many they add and take away). This is done before or after the meeting, not during.

Each person interested in participating should stamp a dozen clean crisp images (no smears, smudges, or light ink) of the same stamp with black ink on white, quarter sheet cs. In pencil on the back, list the stamp company and inventory number and your name.

This is how you build your image inventory.

Now anyone who has contributed to this can now swap images however, they now must add a new image for any one they take out of the box. It is a replacement reconstruction/rebuilding the supply theory.

If new people come along, they contribute their 12 images and when they take an image, they add one of their own for each one they take..

It is best to come armed and supplied with extra images because there may be something in the box you love and just have to have or want to try.

Bring/collect your images in a ziplock baggie or envelope to keep them clean and safe.

Other image issues, such as colored paper and inks should be determined by club members.


RAK donations: mostly general cards, keep away from phrases as “get well soon” stick to ‘thinking/thoughts of you”, “warm wishes”, along that line.

Select a non-profit benificiary group that members can donate cards, made by them or old swap cards to send off to that organization after every club meeting. Postage is paid out of dues.

Also, if anyone knows of a nursing home or hospital and someone who needs cheering, ask at the main desk. Sometimes someone in a nursing home can send you a notification of such a situation where someone is in need of hope and cheering.

Have at least one marathon meeting a year where you create to donate cards.

(Some clubs require members to bring RAKS at every meeting as “dues”).


Yankee Swaps

This is fun to do! Haven’t you bought a stamp or stamping item that you have not used or maybe you got something in a secret sister swap that you don’t need or want.

Well here is the great solution! Wrap it up pretty and bring it to your club meeting for a traditional Yankee Swap.

Here is how it works:

Everyone puts their wrapped item in the designated box or basket.

After placing them in, they select a secret number. It is best not to tell anyone your number, however, you can seat people in numerical order in a circle (this disregards the secret number routine as an alternative).

When picking names (if done that way) or numbers (if you label each gift with a number), be sure people check to see who they have first before letting the next person pick. This is in case a person picks themselves.

When everyone has deposited their “treasure”, and picked their number everyone is seated (randomly or by number, decide beforehand).

The person with #1 gets to pick and open her “treasure” first.

Person #2 then picks and does the same.

However if person #2 likes person #1 gift better, she can trade it and person #1 has to give it up.

Person #3 does the same, pick a treasure and may decide to keep it.

Let’s say persons 4, 5, 6 do the same, decide they keep their treasures.

But # 7 likes #4’s gift and decides that is for her and takes it.

Person #8 likes #2 (who took it from #1 in the first place) and takes that.

This goes on and is fun. Worst number to get is #1 and best number to get is the last number and this depends on the players.


Stamp Trading

Boxes filled with old stamps you don’t want anymore. Three boxes, sm, med, lg. Trade size for size or have an equivalent chart ex: 3 small stamps equals one med.. If you don’t see something you like right away, then coupons for a future trade are issued to cash in later.

You can do this with UMs too.


Trash to Treasure

This is a box you can contribute something you don’t want or need in but must be in good to excellent condition, or never used. Bring one stamp related item a meeting.

Items that can be included: inkpads, glitter, EP, cs, magazines, scissors, punches, etc.

This can be done a few ways.

One — anyone who has contributed can have their name pulled out of a hat for the entire loot/booty to be taken by her for that month.

You can do this every couple of months instead of monthly.

Or you can just trade stuff; again you need to create guidelines.


Secret Swaps

This activity is done on special ocassions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or the end of the year party. Names are picked 4-6 weeks in advance of the actual revealation date.  There are various ways to do this but here are some ideas to get you started.

Members create a 5 item stamping wish list: the list may contain items needed or wanted, techniques or card making idea, images, favorite colors, etc.. Name, address, email should be on the list for mailing (email or snail mail) some surprise thinking of you items.  There should be an established monetary amount to be spent.

Several ways to distribute names

*Wish lists are put into envelopes. Pick an envelope.

*Names are picked or numbers. In the case of numbers, you may have a list to check who you have.

Be sure the member picking checks the name before the next person as so not to pick their own.  This way they can put the name back and select another.

*Names can also be assigned too with a listkeeper.

When the get together begins, one of the fun things is to have the person guess who was their Secret Swapper before opening up their package.  Packages can be packed in a box or basket so each item is wrapped up individually.

Have you any ideas you would like to share?
Leave a comment.


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