Card Makers Tool Kit

If you are not into stamping cards but into regular cardmaking here are some basic tools kit for you.


Adhesives/glue – PPV/PPA (white glue), glue sticks, double sided tape, glue dots, pop dots (3D).
Additional adhesives to add on: Wonder Tape/Red Liner tape, dispenser roll tape/tape runner, Xyron.

Bone Folder – for crisp fold creases. Frugal idea: glue two plastic junk mail credit cards together.

Cutting Mat – a self healing one is the best buy.  Prevents you from  wrecking a table top with nicks and scratches.  They come with grids to make measuring easier for scoring or cutting with an X-acto or craft knife.  Frugal idea: use old magazines.

Gum eraser – to erase pencil lines

Paper Trimmer/paper cutter – measure, cut or score using the grid lines.  They come in various sizes.

Pencils, pens – for marking or writing sentiments or doodling.

Pencil sharpener

Rulers – 1.  metal with a cork back to prevent slippage/sliding when measuring or using an X-acto knife to make a straight cut.
          2.  clear rulers help you see what you are doing.
          3.  There are deckle rulers too to use to help rip paper or card stock.

Scissors – 1. Regular for cutting paper or card stock.
              2. Fine detail scissors for the small stuff or intricate cuts.
              3. Decorative for card edges. Deckle seems to be the popular choice.

Tracing Paper – to trace or transfer patterns.

Twizzers – for picking up the small stuff, gems, sequins, punchies, tiny beads, stickers.  Also can be used to place something small on the card.

X-acto knife/craft knife – for cutting small areas, making slots, or cutting out a window in a card.

Store most of the above in a tool box tote you can get at the home improvement center.


Papers – handmade, metallic, mulberry, origami,  patterned/scrapbook papers, vellum, teabag folding papers, quilling paper

Card Stock – plain, printed, double sided, corugated,  textured, glossy, mat

Storage of paper – try an accordion file, magazine holder, file baskets, or literature/brochure rack.

Blank cards – cards that are precut and usually come with an envelope and can be bought in bulk at the craft store. A package of 50 cards/and envelopes (white or cream) costs around $10.

Stickers and Tags – like “Quote stacks” to add greetings.

– a standard card is sized half a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper folded in half to make a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch card (4.25 x 5.50 inches). 
Envelope size is called “invitation” and can be bought in bulk at the office supply store.

To create images to go with your cards.  There are many programs on the market or you can get digital images from companies off the net (some free some you buy).