Book Making Suppliers

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Art Paper located in NC — Bookbinding and decorative papers

Bookmakers located in Maryland

Daniel Smith — Washington State — sells many other art supplies and papers.

Dick Blick order online or visit a shop — general art supplies, adhesives, Copic Markers, Prismacolor pencils, etc.

Hollanders located in Ann Arbor Michigan. The sell decorative papers also.

Mr. Art located in Houston Texas — book binding supplies and tools — discounts. — all kinds of it!

Small Studio Productions – kits for beginners and other interesting things. Beautiful website.

Talas — located in NYC

J.Hewit & Sons — a UK vendor of book making supplies


You can find this in art supply shops, craft stores, or framers:
3M Positional Adhesive – comes in rolls and is permanent.
3M Photo Mount Spray Adhesive

Crescent Solutions — Perfect Mount Film — a double sided acid free adhesive film. Comes in a variety of sizes in a five pack.

PVA glues: Jade 403, Perfect Paper Adhesive

Xyron Machines — applies adhesives to one or both sides of paper/fabric when rolled through the machine. Peel and press.
Craft stores may have them as well as refills, use the discount coupons for a better deal. You can also buy online.

Additional Reference Material:

This to That — a gluing guide of what glue works with what surface.

The Book Arts Web — tutorial page for advanced book makers including many types of bindings.

Sic Press — free instructional videos on book repair.

Home Made Bookbinding Glue  at Tip Nut