Basic Stamping Kit

Basic stamping travelling kit should be brought to all meetings. 
This basic list is great for a beginner stamper too:
club name tag! (possible penalty for not having this!)
basic black dye ink (Memories or Vivid or permanent)
rainbow dye ink pad
embossing ink pad (clear)
black pigment ink (if you plan on embossing)
clear ep
Exacto/craft knife
cutting mat
scissors (decorative ones are optional)
bone folder or old credit/bank card for the frugal stamper
stylus (for scoring) or old ball point pen for the frugal stamper
glue stick
double stick tape, pop dots or foam rug tape (get at home improvement shop)
coloring utensils (markers, colored pencils, watercolored pencils, chalks)
Dove blender
stamp cleaner
Optional: brayer, stamp positioner, personal papercutter, heat tool.
Monthly themes, new stamps, some basic phrases
Cardstock: basic white, colored for the festive ocassions but inform club members beforehand.
And supplies (if beyond the basic stamping kit) for what ever technique you will be learning.  Usually notified at previous meeting, through email or club site on line, or club newsletter.
A fishing tackle box or tool box is a great portable storage stash carry all.  WalMart or Sears have some priced just right if you want new, otherwise get one at a thrift shop or yardsale.
At some meetings, there are some people who hoard other people’s materials, sometimes some of these people will do this on a regular basis so some sort of ground rule should be established as this can become a problem.
If you borrow other people’s stamps clean them after use!!  Would you like your stamps returned dirty?  Don’t be an offender, be considerate and respectful.  Stamps are expensive and sharing is a luxury.
Treat other’s stamps like you treat your own.
Bring a few stamps to share, not too many you will not be able to keep track of.

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