Angel Policies

Angel Policies for Stamp Companies are . . .

The permission for use of an image by the consumer (personal use) and the copyright use policy.
Most do not allow mechanical reproduction of any image or resizing of an image or redistributing an image.
Some companies allow you to create x amount of hand stamped images.
Written permission may be needed if you are stamping more than the set amount specified by each company.
In some cases, registration fees need to be paid prior to the sale of the items you created.
In some cases, a royalty fee would have to be paid from the total sale.
Some allow you to create x amount of stamped images in a project that is re-sold and you make the profit. However, if you are mixing images of stamp companies with each other, make sure you know the angel policy of each stamp company and the limitations of reproduction.

EX:  You wish to make 50 invitations to a party.
You are using three stamps from three companies, .

1. Company A says you can hand stamp 50 images.
2. Company B says you can hand stamp 25 images
3. Comapny C says you can hand stamp 20 images.
So if you need 50, you cannot use Company B or Company C’s stamps to complete your 50.  It might be wise to choose all stamps from Company A to complete the card therefore, you are not abusing/violating the Angel Policies of Company B and C.
Note of interest: How many people make their own Christmas cards? Angel policies applies to that also.

Art work may not be incorporated into a business, publication, or website logo.

Images that are licensed images (like established cartoon images or Disney characters, House Mouse for examples) have different restrictions including no right to sell products created with those images.

Proper credit on your work should be noted in some companies Angel Policies.

There is one company I know about that does have restrictions on stamping their images for image swaps — not allowed.

There are several other companies that do not allow any of their images, even in completed work, to be scanned and uploaded into albums/galleries.
(A few changed their policies and one company went out of business, sad because this is free advertising for them.)

You need to read the companies Angel Policies carefully before using images for any type of swaps. As long as the company still has their website up, you can find the Angel Policies there.  Some companies update and change their policies so you must always check.

I found several lists on the internet but most of them have not been updated for years — the lists contained many companies that have gone out of business or were bought up by other companies which may or may not produce their old stamp lines.

Your creations with stamps may be used in stamp/ paper arts related magazines.  In some instances, if you notify the company, you may get a bonus for promoting them in a publication.

Here are a few examples:

Michaels — covers All Night Media, Hampton Art Stamps, and Inkadinkado as well as Rubber Stampede.

Stamp Francisco — Stamp Francisco, Fruit Basket Upset, Ivory Coast Trading Poste, Gumbo Graphics, Hippo Heart, and Imagine. Also: Bartholomew’s Ink and Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers.

I Brake for Stamps — consolidating images from The Merry Stamper, Time to Stamp, Ink Blocks, Designs Ink’d, Rosebud Stamps, StampinBack — these companies are now sold exclusively under I Brake For Stamps.

Printable Lists of Many Companies — in PDF or Word files. — represent several companies, some which are no longer in business and the website does not seem to be updated.

A list of non-angel companies (not updated often) — you can only stamp for personal use and not for re-sale of your creations.