$250 Budget Space

A Small Budget Scrap or Stamp Work Space

Article review by Jean Laverdiere

mm250_workspaceFor my birthday, a friend picked gave me a Memory Makers Special Issue: Organized Scrapbook Spaces (Volume 10 Number 53).

She said since I was doing my small space in the cellar, eventually, she thought this would be good to help arrange and plan my space.

I was very intrigued with the under $250. (minus the latte for inspiration, less $3.50) 5 foot basic workspace created by Trisha McCarty-Luedke, author of the article (pages 54-59).

The desk was a 4 foot by 5 foot melamine counter for $22.50 (including some cute blue gingham ribbon trim around the edges). They also suggested a door or regular laminate counter if you had more money to upgrade.
The desk was supported by 2 wire draw bases for under $100., they were the most expensive item on the supply list. (They gave other support ideas like legs at $11 each or a modular storage unit priced from $25.-$75 each, another upgrade.)
The wire draws held paper, stamps, albums, punches, etc.

The chair (placed in the center of the desk) was a recycled dining room chair (free) covered with etoile fabric costing under $21.
Trisha the author sewed this up with the help of some friends. I suppose you could buy one for the same price and save some time and energy.

The wall above the desk space was separated into three sections —

In the center was a matching etoile fabric (on the chair) ribbon board to display things costing $22. to create.

On either side of the ribbon board was primed white peg board (a 2′ x 4′ peg board cut into (2) 2′ x 2′ sections, cost $5.75) and the hardware cost under $10. but it depends on what you would need and that could change the cost. It is suggested you figure all that out before you buy the hardware.

On the peg board trimmed with blue gingham ribbon they hung:

Section A (on the left of the center ribbon board) — scissors, heat gun, some paint, template, brush, misc embellishment package, and a paper cutter and magnetic jar holder (about $4)

Section B (on the right of the center ribbon board) — they had etoile files ($10), ruler, misc embellishment package, and used a paper towel holder for ribbon storage (under $10) and very clever.

On the desk top to the left, there were 2 magazine holders (around $3), and a small lamp(under $12), a painted and trimmed clay pot with pens/markers, a hardware tilt bin for small stuff (under $11 and sections were labeled), and a photo storage file (under $8).

My thoughts:

I thought this was a great small happy workspace for a little money. I thought it was very nice and quite elegant as well as functional.

We had a melamine microwave unit — someone spilled water on it and the section warped and crinkled. I would suggest if you go with the melamine, to get a piece of glass to go over it to protect the surface. You can slide memos or pics under the glass to protect it.

The wire baskets are opened so I am not too sure how that would fair in an area like a basement where there may be dust or humidity.

Another idea would be to prop the melamine desk with some piping legs and slip Iris carts under on each side. Make sure your pipes are cut the right size to slip the units under.

Two file cabinets placed on each side with the melamine counter placed across the top is another idea. Files can be found at yard sales cheap and can be spray painted. You may have to create a base for the file cabinets to raise it off the floor so a chair or your legs can fit under it.

My husband was not too thrilled with the peg board. He suggested that a strapping frame be created and then add the two peg boards and the fabric board to the framing to make it sturdier.

I thought the the paper towel holder for ribbon was nice, it was new, but I bet you could find one at a yard sale or thrift shop.

Maybe as a stamper, you could alter some files and hang them up.

Magazine holders could be altered art too.

The fancy scroll worked accent above the ribbon board was a nice touch.

The lamp was really too small but did add a nice touch. It was one of those lamps that holds a night light.  Maybe an Ott light would be more useful.

I suppose after I get my space all organized, someday, the crickets will stop on by and eat all my paper and magazines.

The Reader Idea Gallery from pages 97-109 had more useful ideas for spaces and storage.

Overall, I thought this magazine was a nice gift from my friend. There were many storage ideas presented for all stamp or scrap items you have.

Let me know what you think of this budget minded space or what is your space is like. I will compile all comments and create a webpage of shared storage ideas.

Memory Makers Magazine

Additional ideas!
Here is another article at Room ReMix that shows scrap/stamp/craft spaces using closets or small spaces.  It was a linky party so there are links to others who participated and shared their space and more links in the comments.  My particular favorites were the armoire transformation from Better Homes and Gardens and the closing latched bookcases from Martha Stewart (linked to instructions).

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6 responses to “$250 Budget Space

  1. Jennie

    Do you find that it is easier to organize a scrapping area than a stamping area? I do because when scrapping I would use much fewer stamps which can take up lots of room. I just looked down at my keyboard and saw the keys are covered with glitter. 😉

  2. JML

    Jennie, thanks for stopping by and your comment.
    I have to agree, that the stamps and inkpads take up lots of space rather than just working with paper.

    Use a Swiffer to clean up that glitter.

  3. Trisha

    Thanks for reviewing my workspace article. It was a blast to research, build and write about. Your additional tips offer great ideas. Happy Stamping, Trish

  4. JML

    Thanks Trish for stopping by. I really loved your economic and sensible article. You had some great ideas for little money.

  5. Margo

    Hi — mosied on over from a posted link. Thanks for the review. I have a small space and dreamed of my own little corner but I had no idea on how to go about it. You presented some great alternatives to go with the article content.

    I also liked your other articles on storage and setting up a space — some great recycled ideas there also!

    Super site here. I have bookmarked it for future reference. Thanks again!
    New Year, new ideas, new outlook.

  6. JML

    Margo — thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    I hope you got some good ideas to work with in your small space and I wish you luck in creating it! Look for the potential of storage in every day items that can be recycled to save money.

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